Ajumai’s Story

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 9:35 pm  

At PSH the work we do is about people, at the end of the day. So, in our posts, we are increasingly going to talk about the individuals whose lives you are helping to change in our partner communities. These are the people, just like you or me, that now have access to cleaner water, better sanitation and business microloans to improve their lives. Today we’ll talk about Ajumai.

Ajumai is a single mother of about 18 years who dropped out of upper basic school two years ago as result of an unintended pregnancy. Her guardian stopped caring for her as a result of the pregnancy and the supposed father of the child denied responsibility. She was left alone to source for her means of livelihood and to care for her health and other needs. As you can imagine, this would be a big challenge for any young woman without employment. It was an even bigger challenge for her because of her pregnancy.

According to Ajumai, this was the most difficult moment of her life. She had to engage in hard labour just to be able to meet her basic needs. She barely succeeded. After the baby was born, now with an extra mouth to feed, things got harder. She had to depend on relatives and friends for survival. This caused her some embarrassment, and she also had to endure some unfair treatment at the hands of those she had no choice but to depend on. There were times when she had to leave her baby with little or no care, just to try to make ends meet. This is a horrible situation for any mother to be in.

Her difficult situation continued until recently when she became a Poverty Stops Here beneficiary. PSH provided Ajumai with a loan to help launch her trade business. She was able to start petty trading of grains and fire wood sales as well as other seasonal agricultural/farm business. According to Ajumai “this was the beginning of a new life”.

She rounded up by saying: “I make profit that takes care of my basic need and that of my baby even though I don’t have savings yet I am a happy girl”.

This is the impact you are helping to produce. It might seem small, but to someone like Ajumai, it means the world. To learn more about how you can help, check out the ACT page on our website.

Stay tuned. We will be bringing you more of these stories as time goes on.

Thanks for all your help.

The PSH Team


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